Stickman Armed Assassin 3D

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Prepare for an epic showdown in Stickman Armed Assassin! Immerse yourself in intense shootouts and become the ultimate stickman warrior. This game offers thrilling 3D levels, a diverse range of stickman foes, and a selection of powerful weapons for maximum carnage. Experience dynamic ragdoll-based death animations as you navigate through various missions, from eliminating stickman enemies and defusing bombs to rescuing civilians and battling zombies. Embrace your inner dealer of death and the destroyer of worlds as you unleash your fury in this action-packed stickman assassin adventure. Get ready for an adrenaline-fueled journey of blood, killing, and unparalleled excitement!

W A S D to walk around Mouse to Look around Left Mouse Button to Fire Right Mouse Button to Aim Mouse Wheel To Change Weapons G for Grenades R to Reload Left Shift to Run Left CTRL to Crouch X to Prone V to Melee Space to


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