Ice Scream 2: Halloween Escape

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Ice Scream 2: Halloween Escape - A Heart-Pounding Puzzle Adventure!

Prepare for an adrenaline-pumping experience in Ice Scream 2: Halloween Escape! The stage is set in a frosty town, with Halloween just around the corner. However, an ominous ice cream vendor has arrived, and he's not here to spread cheer. Instead, he's abducted all the children with his nefarious ice cream cart.

Assume the role of a courageous child on a mission to rescue your captured friends and outwit this sinister old man. Stay on your guard, as your keen instincts will be crucial in avoiding capture by the eerie ice cream vendor. Throughout the game, you'll uncover hidden items and tools, utilizing them to unravel puzzles and enhance your resilience. Can you save your friends and escape this chilling nightmare?

Mouse click or tap to play


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