Ghostly Night Harvest

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Get Ready for Spine-Chilling Action in Ghostly Night Harvest – A Thrilling Nighttime Farming Game!

Experience the Best of Both Worlds: Ghostly Night Harvest is a unique and riveting game that flawlessly fuses the tranquil ambiance of nighttime farming with the exhilaration of protecting your precious crops from eerie spectral intruders.

In Ghostly Night Harvest, you don the role of a devoted farmer with the task of nurturing a flourishing pumpkin harvest by day. But as the sun sets, the real challenge begins. Your fields face a relentless ghostly invasion that calls for tactical brilliance and top-notch managerial skills. Can you defend your crops against these spectral foes and ensure a thriving harvest come morning? The game brings forth an unmatched combination of strategy, action, and resource management, ensuring hours of captivating gameplay. Embrace the spine-tingling excitement and try Ghostly Night Harvest now!

Move using the WASD keys or joystick for mobile devices. You can shoot using the spacebar or the slingshot button on your mobile device. To interact with certain objects, press the corresponding action button or the key that appears next to the interactio


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